What is Helipaddy?

Helipaddy is the world's largest moderated database of helicopter landing sites and points of interest.  

  • Pilots can easily and safely find interesting places to visit, join helicopter trips and view all the weekend fly-ins.  The system works both online and in App.
  • Hotels find it a great way to reach out to a niche new customer base who are actively looking for places to stay, plus it is commission-free.
  • Helicopter operators, be it training schools, service centres, insurance or aircraft brokers can now access a very precise and engaged audience of helicopter pilots.

The accuracy and ergonomic layout of information makes Helipaddy an indispensable tool for helicopter pilots.  All members of Helipaddy are welcomed into a community of pilots that can freely share their favourite landing locations with friends, comment on locations they have visited, receive information on upcoming heli-friendly events and can request information on how to land in foreign countries through our support portal.

The combination of these features (and many more) contribute to the truly unique Helipaddy experience.


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For all enquiries, get in touch through our Support Portal and we will endeavour to respond on the same working day. 


Helipaddy are members of the British Helicopter Association and the Helicopter Club of Great Britain.


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