Editing Private Pads Online

You can now edit your private sites from your online Helipaddy Pilot dashboard. Adding private sites and sharing with your friends is, and always will be, free for all Helipaddy members. 

There are now six things you can do with your private sites from the ‘My Pads’ section of your pilot dashboard (in the Pads tab):

– View – Opens a link to your pad which you can share with anyone. Make sure they’re logged in and you’ve shared the pad with them! 

– Remove – Delete the pad entirely

– Set Shared – Allow your friends to interact with this pad

– Set favourite – so that the pad appears when you filter by favourites in-app

– Send addition request – submit the pad to the Helipaddy public database, so that other members can see it

– Edit – update the details for your private pad

For more information on adding a private pad, check out our support article

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