Silverstone by Helicopter

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Flying to the Silverstone F1 Grand Prix

July each year



You CANNOT do private flights directly to Silverstone for the Grand Prix, only to non-Grand Prix events, and even then it proves top be difficult (as we recently found out).  Because of that and because of a poor decision made several years ago about the positioning of the campsite, it means twins-only.  The cheapest deal we were made aware of was £1000 from Fresh Air near Bicester (only a few minutes away).  To land nearby rather than at the circuit, Helipaddy may be able to help - email us.


Many charter operators are offering flights in to Silverstone Helipad and it is a bit of a bun fight.  Details and link to forms are in Helipaddy.


Silverstone heliport is now operated by Sloane and Fresh Air as of Feb 18th 2016.  ATC is provided during major racing events.  Helicopters to take-off along the axis of the clearway and when on 06 turn before the grandstand.
Silverstone is a temporary restricted area during the Grand Prix.   There are several operators who will do charters, for example, below.




Michelle is able to provide bespoke charters based on individual client needs. Price on request.


Geoff is running transfers from various locations.  For example, Cranfield costs £820+VAT in a Twin Squirrel with 4 pax.


Speak to Linda although at the time of enquiring they were fully booked


No prices provided on their website


They weren't able to provide details


No prices provided on their website but they have helis all over the S of England.


Sloane operate Silverstone Helicopters which run both Silverstone pads.  No standard prices are provided.


Fresh Air operate Silverstone Helicopters along with Sloane.   FreshAir will be offering charters on the Agusta 109 Powers, Agusta 109 Grand and the AS355’s.
They are offering fixed-price shuttles (approx £820+VAT per person) on the 4-seater AS355 from
FreshAir Helicopters in Bicester where they will be putting on drinks and nibbles in at the hangar. 


Ian didn't provide much in the way of detail other than a suggestion to contact the charter team.

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