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March 29th – Helipaddy, the world’s largest moderated database of helicopter landing sites and points of interest, now contains around 5000 moderated sites.  Their strategy is now on making it easier for pilots to find the best places to go – the ones that require very short notice, or are in particularly nice spots.  To help with the UK, they have partnered with The Good Hotel Guide who have been in operation for many years. 
Andrew Stembridge is the Managing Director of both Chewton Glen and Cliveden and explained “it is great news that Helipaddy have partnered with Good Hotel Guide.  We have a good number of guests who enjoy the convenience of being able to fly directly to Chewton Glen and Cliveden and by being in both Helipaddy and GHG, they can get all the information they need about the hotels and are to make a safe and considerate landing.”
The hotels greatly benefit from being included in Helipaddy by having direct access to pilots, allowing information such as noise abatement procedures and landing permission contact details to be accurately transmitted through a trusted and respected platform. 
Shaun McKivragan, who owns the Airds Hotel and Restaurant said “Many thanks for including us as part of the association with Helipaddy. Helipaddy is a great idea and we are delighted to be able to welcome clients wishing to arrive by helicopter”. 

Helipaddy allows pilots to find interesting places to easily and safely fly to, join group helicopter trips and to view all the weekend fly-ins. Pilots can also share comments on these landing sites anonymously and Helipaddy now has wind strength and direction data for all 5,000+ sites. The system works both online and via iOS/Android smartphone apps, with the online portal now having all of the features of the apps.
“It only took a moment of our day to sign up, and it was worth it; since then we’ve had a lot more business from helicopter pilots” according to Rachel Vernon who runs The Moat Shed.
Hotels leverage the opportunity to reach out to a niche new customer base who are actively looking for places to stay, plus it is completely free for hotels to be listed whilst also being commission-free. Helicopter operators, including training schools, service centres, insurance or aircraft brokers can also reach a very precise and engaged audience of helicopter pilots.
More information on Helipaddy at https://helipaddy.com/about/presskit
More information on Good Hotel Guide at http://goodhotelguide.com

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