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Helipaddy App Tutorial: Uplift Your Heli-Experience

Helipaddy can revolutionise your heli-experience with features that should be considered essential to any helicopter pilot. This article will dive into those key features, such as exporting pads to Sky demon and other navigational apps, sharing pads with friends, and reviewing them to help your fellow heli-community.

Filters – we have them all

Have you ever really needed that top up in fuel, or maybe you are just peckish for a bite to eat. From owner approved filters, to Avgas, Jet A1 and restaurant filters, you will be able to see your desired options in a heartbeat. 

  • Tap the filter button on the top right of the screen
    • If you notice a red dot on the filter button, you already have some activated
  • Toggle on and off the types of pads you want to see!

Radius Overlay

Want to focus on what is nearby? Use the radius overlay. This will highlight your options down to the mile. When combined with filters, it will revolutionise your experience and save you loads of time. 

  • On the main map view press the button in the bottom left which is ‘radius off’ by default
  • Use the slider to set your desired distance
How to use Radius Overlay and Filters together

Export a pad to any Navigation App (such as Foreflight)

One of the top features of Helipaddy is the seamless integration between Helipaddy and your navigation app. 

  • Click on a landing site
  • Press ‘Fly Here’ and your nav software of choice will appear

Then, just fly away!

SkyDemon, one of the many navigational apps you can export your pad to on Helipaddy!

User Reviews

Ever wanted to check out what a landing site is like but there are no reviews on Google? Or maybe you want to see how other pilots found landing at a site. No worries, just check out the user reviews.

            To check out other pilot’s reviews:

  1. Navigate to any pad
  2. Click the ‘Reviews’ tab.

If you want to share your thoughts: 

  1. Press ‘Add a New Review’ 
  2. Write away – star ratings, additional comments, and photos.

Share Pads with Friends

Experiences can be best when shared with friends, if you are tired of spending ages sharing coordinates to your mates, use Helipaddy!

  1. Click the landing site of your choice
  2. Hit the ‘Share’ button
  3. Decide which app you’d like to use; the rest is history!

Try out the Helipaddy app to access these essential pilot features! If you already have our app, consider upgrading to premium if you haven’t done so already, to truly become part of our extensive pilot community. This will enable you to access all 14500+ landing sites, landing pad information, user reviews and a host of other benefits that will make your journey easier.

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