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If a Heliport or Airfield has an ICAO code, it is always an ‘Aerodrome’ .

If it does not have an ICAO code, e.g. a grass strip, then it is categorised as a ‘Landing site’ .

If you can land somewhere that is not a B&B, hotel, pub or restaurant, then it defaults to a ‘Landing site’.

If you cannot land there, it is either a Waypoint (typically a point in the air) or an Aerial Point of Interest .

As non-premium members do not receive Landing sites, non-ICAO but well-known airfields and heliports will not appear to them.

Phone number, Email, and Contact Person

Please only include one of each, so pilots can call or email from the app! This should be the contact information for the person or office that handles PPR requests (landing permission). Additional contact details can be included in the landing info.

Website and Twitter Handle

As above, please only include one of each.

Site info

We try to avoid putting any Landing Info into the Site Info box.  In general, we want to keep Site Info rather brief (probably one or two sentences) so that it can be viewed in the cockpit during flight. Our members mainly want to know what makes it a nice place to visit! Where possible, we try to avoid “promotional tattle” here, as we link to the website and social media for this.

For Aerodromes, we try to avoid repeating the AIP.  Site info should be about the airfield’s friendliness towards helicopters.

Landing info

We try to put useful landing information, specifically for helicopters. For Aerodromes, we try to avoid repeating the AIP. Landing info should be “inside knowledge” about helicopter approaches and departures, in particular highlighting noise abatement procedures and hazards.

Private message

Anything you include here will not be seen by pilots, and is another way of communicating with the Helipaddy Team. We can also be contacted at support@helipaddy.com or through the other channels found at https://helipaddy.com/support

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