How to Attract Pilots with Helipaddy


Helipaddy attracts pilots to your business

Helipaddy connects the global pilot community with interesting places to stay the night, spend their weekend, take friends out for dinner, and do business. If you're a business who would welcome helicopter pilots and their family and friends as your clients, you can advertise your location for free through the Helipaddy platform.

Once you have created your location's listing, registered as an owner and claimed your site, there are a number of quick and simple tricks to get the most value out of your site's listing in Helipaddy:

1. Keep It Simple.
Ensure all information is relevant, useful and up to date.



2. Contact Information is Key.
After finding you in Helipaddy, pilots will enquire with you directly. They MUST ask you for landing permission - which in aviation lingo is called 'PPR' (prior permission required). Make sure your email and phone number are included in your listing, up-to-date, and checked often so that interested pilots can quickly confirm that you're happy to have them as your guests.

3. Get Connected.
Connect your site with any partners, groups or collections that you are a member of (e.g Relais and Chateau, Good Hotel Guide). This gives you greater visibility throughout the site.

4. Everyone Loves Champagne.
There is no better way to get our members’ attention than by adding an offer. Get creative with your offers to attract more pilots! Pro Tip - Helipaddy doesn’t take booking fees or a commission, meaning you get all the benefits of attracting Helipaddy members to your site.


5. Host an Event.
Hosting events is another great way to draw attention to your site. This could range from a
heli-fly-in to advertising your local air show (if it hasn't been already added on Helipaddy). Pro Tip - don’t worry, your event doesn’t have to focus on helicopters! If there is an event at (or near) your location that the general public can attend, pilots might be interested in attending with their family and friends.

6. Add a Photo of Your Site.
This makes your profile look much nicer, both online and through the Helipaddy mobile apps. It's best to use an external photo taken from a bird's eye view - pilots like to know where they are going to land. They'll find all your interior pictures on your website, which your Helipaddy listing links to.




7. Social Media.
Add your Twitter handle to your site so pilots can keep up to date with information about your establishment. Also, don’t forget to connect with us on social media @helipaddyapp so you can promote your events and offers on our social media! We tweet about new events and offers (see 4. and 5. above), giving your site more exposure to our global community.


8. Think like a Pilot.
Pilots appreciate a detailed description of the landing information at your site. This should contain useful landing information, specifically for helicopters and include any 'inside knowledge' about helicopter approaches and departures, in particular highlighting noise abatement procedures and any hazards like powerlines or big trees. Give directions like 'North' or 'South East of the main building' instead of 'left' or 'behind the main building' as everything is different from the air. We can help you with this, if needed.



9. Listen to Pilots.
Review the comments section to improve your offering to pilots. Comments expose your listing to other pilots through their dashboard and by email, so make sure to ask visiting pilots to add a comment on your site in Helipaddy. You can also ask visiting pilots which parts of your Helipaddy listing attracted them, and which parts could be improved.


10. Let Everyone Know You Are Part of the Helipaddy Community.
Link directly to your Helipaddy listing from your website. See full instructions in the ‘My Sites’ tab in your dashboard


For more helpful information and support, you can get in touch with our team and we can make sure your listing is attractive to pilots. You can also review our Premium exposure options to maximise your visibility to the Helipaddy community and open up further functionality.

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