Pad moderation explained

Moderation is a vital part of the Helipaddy system because it helps keep data quality as high as possible. In fact, we believe that Helipaddy is the most accurate database of landing locations that exists. It is important to us to provide our members with rich content. It works as follows:

  • Any new site that you share with Helipaddy by  using the “Request addition” switch in the App or the add page online, immediately shows up in our moderation queue as a pad awaiting checks.
  • At that moment, it is not visible to users online or in the App. However, it is visible to registered pad owners via their online dashboard. An “owner” of a pad has to be approved but the process takes seconds.
  • The moderation process does not apply to sites that are “private” i.e. ones that you haven’t shared with Helipaddy.
  • Once a site is part of Helipaddy then research the site by calling the owner or operator. This takes time but our team in London contact every site one way or another. Occasionally, it happens that we are aware that the site has had helicopters visit and yet we aren’t able to reach the owner. In this case, we moderate anyway but flag the site as “needs checking out”.
  • Once a site is moderated, it doesn’t stop there. We then repeatedly send out “moderation request” emails to the owners every 20 weeks.  We run exception reports each day which tell us whether a request is ignored (over 30 days old) or the email has bounced.
  • Occasionally, we designate a “third party moderator” in situations where the owner of the pad doesn’t have email or the location is owned by anyone, or the owner wants someone else to moderate the pad.
  • In these cases, we often invite Helipaddy members to moderate the sites, especially if they were the submitter of the site but our system allows for anyone to act as a site moderator, as long as they have an email address.  When Helipaddy initiate a pad update, the moderation request email gets automatically directed to the site moderator rather than the owner.

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