Referral codes

You can now get three whole months of Premium membership for free, simply by referring a friend! Best of all, your friend will get three free months of Premium membership, too. 

You will see in the Account tab in your Dashboard that you now have a 10-character ‘Referral code’. To take advantage of this new offer:
1. Share the code with your pilot friend.

2. Tell them to add this code in the Referral Code section when they first register with Helipaddy – make sure they enter the correct code.

3. When they register, you will receive an email letting you know that the code has been activated. 

4. When your friend pays for Premium membership, both you AND your friend gain an extra 3 months of Premium. Simple!

If you aren’t currently a Premium member you will be upgraded for three months, and if you are already Premium you’ll have your membership extended. There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer – so spread the word and make sure your friends are using your code. 

This offer only applies to new, unique registrations. 

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