Helipaddy API

Helipaddy API


Helipaddy data is available to developers through the Helipaddy API. All tiers of the API are designed to optimise searching for heli-friendly sites with users only needing to provide their desired coordinates in decimal or what3words format, and an optional radius to search within. The API is also built to allow for interactive maps of any region to easily be constructed.


Plans and Pricing

There are three API tiers, determined by pad categories and data fields available, as well as data call volumes. The three tiers are detailed below. Enterprise pricing is available to developers with greater requirements, contact us to discuss custom pricing based on your needs. Our minimum commitment is 12 months for both Basic and Premium tiers.

*Based on number of sites returned by the Helipaddy API.
  Free Basic Premium
Pricing Free £200/month £500/month
Site categories ICAO Airfields, commercial landing sites Free +
Eat and Stay (Hotels, Restaurants etc.)
Basic +
Aerial Points of Interest, Medical, other Landing Sites
Volume* 1,000 sites / month 2,500 sites / month 100,000 sites / month
Data fields Name, Category, Latitude, Longitude, Link to Helipaddy listing, DMS string Free +
Region, 'Helipaddy Select' information, Landing fee price range
Basic +
Photo, Landing information, Site information, Comments

How to use the API

At all tiers of the API, developers can make the below calls. The only difference between making these calls at different tiers is the output, with the pad categories available and the depth of data provided on any pads returned being different for each tier.
All calls are GET requests to

Endpoint Coords Radius Output


degrees decimal numeric All pads within (radius) miles of coordinates


degrees decimal none/invalid All pads within same smallest polygon bounded by lines of latitude and longitude
e.g. (4.3,16.9) will return all pads where (4≤lat<5,16≤long<17)


what3words numeric All pads within (radius) miles of coordinates


what3words none/invalid All pads with exact w3w coords


- - All pads containing exact string


- - Returns data for the pad with this unique Helipaddy Pad ID.
Using coords and radius params may filter out the intended pad.

Example API requests

Examples of these API calls are provided below. To explore the data provided at each tier, click 'Send to Hurl.it' and Launch Request, or simply take the parameters from each example. Note that only one specific pad is available for each of these demonstration calls.

            curl -X GET 
            -H "Ext-api-key:free_demo" 
            curl -X GET 
            -H "Ext-api-key:basic_demo" 
            curl -X GET 
            -H "Ext-api-key:premium_demo"

Get started

To connect to the Helipaddy API, a unique key is required. This key has an assigned tier and region, and you can hold multiple keys. This allows developers to choose their level of access in each region (Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Oceania, Africa) and only pay for the data they need.  Our minimum commitment is 12 months for both Basic and Premium tiers.

To request a key, interested parties can get in touch with the Helipaddy team on +44 20 3637 7595 or by sending an email to sales@helipaddy.com.

The Helipaddy API Agreement governing the use of the Helipaddy API can be found on our Terms page. This agreement must be accepted and adhered to and is also provided upon enquiry.

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