Built for iOS and Android AND Web

"Helipaddy is a great tool for helicopter pilots and I'm proud that it has been developed by two of our HQ alumni. They have put an immense amount of research and flying hours into it - we encourage any initiative that promotes the enjoyment of helicopters for private pilots." - Quentin Smith, First person to circumnavigate the globe in a helicopter, World Helicopter Champion of the Year, Advanced CAA Instructor & Examiner.

GPS enabled

Helipaddy knows where you are even at 5000 feet with no phone signal

Easy to view map

Thousands of special places to land at, or view from the air


Events specially picked for helicopter pilots all over the world

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App designed for use in the cockpit

Safari Mode™

Live tracking mode showing 5 minute range based on current speed and nearest pad pop-up. Single tap to save a waypoint as you are flying along.

Save and share unlimited sites for free

Share your own landing sites in-App or via online dashboard. Pay £29.99 per annum for Helipaddy membership including the full database of hotels, pubs etc.

Considerate flying

Helipaddy researches every site for sensitivities around noise, animals etc. Site owners help us tell pilots where best to land.

Regular updates

Constantly expanding database with pilot comments and ratings.

Useful information

Stuff that you cannot get in Pooleys or the AIP tailored to helicopter pilots.

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All landing sites are PPR.

Unique in the App store

The only reliable source of landing sites for helicopter pilots.

Find fuel

Filter the map to show only sites of interest e.g. where you can get 100LL or where you can pay easily with a credit card.

Find places to stay

Helipaddy members can now plan trips knowing they will be welcome everywhere. Time to explore!


Share with friends

Add personal landing sites and easily share them with friends. These remain private to you and your friends. Add comments and ratings as you visit them. Store handy waypoints, too.

See things from the air

Helipaddy also research points of interest, whether man-made or geographical.