eVTOL is here.
The Future Flight Challenge is now.

As this new industry emerges, there are many problems to solve…

Helipaddy has the power to bring instant scalability to the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry through our database of nearly 2,000 private landing locations in the UK. We collect over 70 data points for each site, used to determine site suitability for manned and unmanned aircraft.

Our vision is to put our market-leading database into the hands of businesses operating in the eVTOL and drone space, facilitating direct relationships with suitable urban/suburban landowners.

Use Cases



Empowering the new generation of short-hop eVTOL flight i.e. Airport to Business Hub.
Our database gets you closer, faster.

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Rural Access

Small rural deliveries – solved. Uncover a wealth of new, hard to reach areas, vastly reducing the time and cost of delivery.



Expanding vertiport networks, vastly improving the exchange of urgent medical cargo i.e. vaccines, organs & blood.



Leverage our database of hubs and spokes, enabling direct UAV landings and exchanges, perfecting the last mile.

We’re always open to chat – whatever you’re doing in the space, we’d love to hear from you!

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