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Estonia Helicopter Guide

red rooftops of kesklinn district of tallinn

Flying VFR in Estonia by helicopter


The eAIP follows the EASA standard and is available in English. The 2024 airspace chart is shown below (give it a little while to load as it is full resolution).


Due to their geographical locations, helicopter pilots are most inclined to visit both EEKA (Kärdla Airport) and EEKE (Kuressaare Airfield).

Kuressaare Airfield (EEKE) is known for its friendly and efficient staff, making it a welcoming stop for helicopter pilots. The airfield is well-organized, offering smooth refueling services, though AVGAS is costly at around €3.50 per liter. Refueling and security personnel are available even outside regular hours. The airfield features a cafeteria and supports contactless card payments.

Located near a castle, beach, and village with numerous restaurants, it’s easy to reach the town by a 30-minute walk or a short bus ride. Despite the high AVGAS cost, Kuressaare Airfield is highly recommended for its excellent staff and facilities.

landscape of a seashore in ireland
Hiiumaa Island

Kärdla Airport on Hiiumaa Island, is well-regarded for its friendly and efficient staff. It features a single asphalt runway suitable for various aircraft operations. The airport offers essential amenities, including a cafeteria, and supports contactless payment methods. Refueling services and operational support are available outside regular hours. Located near Kärdla town, it provides easy access to local attractions, making it a recommended stop for pilots in Estonia.

AIP – AIP Estonia can be downloaded here free of charge


 Weather for pilots is at

Private landing sites

As of 2024 this is very much a work in progress, although the handful of hotels currently in Helipaddy are just great. Helicopter pilots are encouraged to make the pilgrimage East while you still can!

Flying around

Birds and environmental areas to watch out for – see Natura 2000: Guidelines for Helicopter Pilots

Flying in Schengen – see Schengen Area VFR Flight Rules

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