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Test your heli knowledge – The Robinson R44

See how much you know about the R44, the world’s most commonly flown helicopter .

Robinson R44 Helicopter landing in a snowy field
Robinson R44 Helicopter landing in a snowy field.

The quiz is multiple choice and you can take it as often as you like. Results are not shared but you have to provide an email address. These are quite advanced!

To see how you scored, click the FINISH button at the bottom of the page. Have fun!


#1. What is the recommended torque value for the main rotor blade retention nuts on the Robinson R44?

#2. During a 100-hour inspection, what is the required procedure for inspecting the Robinson R44's main rotor gearbox chip detectors?

#3. What is the maximum allowable play in the tail rotor pitch control mechanism before maintenance is required?

#4. How often should the hydraulic system fluid be drained and replaced in the Robinson R44?

#5. What is the purpose of the clutch actuator lower bearing lubrication, and how frequently should it be performed?

#6. What type of hydraulic fluid is approved for use in the Robinson R44's hydraulic system?

#7. During the main rotor gearbox drain and flush procedure, what is the recommended method for ensuring all old fluid is removed?

#8. What is the correct procedure for jacking the Robinson R44 for maintenance purposes?

#9. How should the Robinson R44 be prepared for long-term storage to prevent corrosion and degradation of components?

#10. What is the required inspection interval for the tail rotor gearbox according to the Robinson R44 maintenance manual?