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Test your heli knowledge – Weather

EC135 in cloud

See how much you know about weather conditions when flying. Scary stuff!

Andrew Brandt, an ex-instructor, who now flies for the emergency services has done a superb article for Helipaddy on bad weather flying and inadvertent IMC.

EC135 in cloud
IFR over the Bristol Channel, U.K, in an EC135 helicopter

The quiz is multiple choice and you can take it as often as you like. Results are not shared but you have to provide an email address. These are quite advanced!

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#1. How does the presence of a temperature inversion layer impact helicopter performance and flight safety, and what specific operational adjustments should pilots consider?

#2. When encountering inadvertent IMC, what immediate actions should a pilot take to ensure safety?

#3. How does Coriolis force affect helicopter flight planning at different latitudes, and what operational adjustments should be made?

#4. How should a pilot interpret the presence of Virga in weather reports, and what are the associated risks?

#5. What are the best practices for pre-flight planning to avoid inadvertent IMC, especially in marginal weather conditions?

#6. When interpreting a METAR report, what does the code 'BKN015' signify, and how should this information influence flight planning?

#7. What in-flight precautions should pilots take to prevent entering inadvertent IMC?

#8. How does atmospheric pressure influence helicopter performance, and what adjustments should pilots make when operating in high or low-pressure areas?

#9. When preparing for flights in forecasted icing conditions, what comprehensive measures should helicopter pilots take to ensure safety?

#10. When interpreting a TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast), what key elements should helicopter pilots consider for effective flight planning, and how can these elements influence operational decisions?