Transfer waypoints: Helipaddy to Garmin Pilot (and GTN650/GTN750)

This is a massive time saver as well as avoiding any risk of inputting a waypoint incorrectly.

What we are looking to do is set up a route in Garmin Pilot to a landing site that is in Helipaddy. Once in Garmin Pilot we can very easily transfer the flight plan to the helicopter’s GTN650 and, if you have HeliSAS, fly on autopilot overhead the landing site as a perfectly accurate recce.

If necessary, set your preferred navigation software in Helipaddy to Garmin Pilot. Then click the FLY HERE button and EITHER pick Garmin Pilot OR pick Airdrop if your Garmin Pilot is on another device.

Transferring waypoints to Garmin avionics

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