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Helipaddy Flights(Beta release Q3 2024)

Automated PPR via Helipaddy + log flights


Save time and hassle and request a landing (PPR) using the app. You can also quick-log flights for transfer to your main logbook later.

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Easily view and approve landing requests online. Keep a log of all your landings. Provide accurate landing instructions automatically.

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Optionally log flights and PPR via the app

Do you sometimes forget to update your logbook? You can easily record where you have landed with Helipaddy’s Flights tool. This is not designed as a logbook replacement but it is designed as a “quick log” and stores just about enough information for you to be able to update your flight logbook later.

We have designed Helipaddy Flights to also handle landing requests (PPR). All you do is enter a flight in the future and Helipaddy displays the request in the site owner’s dashboard for them to approve.

Adding a flight is very quick because Helipaddy defaults to showing the current time and the nearest site to where you are. The Tail Number also defaults to the previous one used. So it really is 2-click logging.

We have chosen to use the notes field to store the engine hours but you can use it for anything. We will add the ability to record a photo here too.

Helipaddy displays all the places you’ve landed on a map using the Filters.

Site Owners

Approve any landings automatically

Helipaddy pilots love using the app to see your landing instructions. Our new Landing Request feature takes this a step further and shows the landing request in your dashboard. There is no need to note down phone number or emails, the whole process is handled inside Helipaddy and it is all free.

We have given you the ability to view the details and then pick some conditions that you wish to set for the landing.

This removes all confusion and ambiguity. Now you can be certain if the aircraft, pilot, date and time of any landing. You can also be certain that visiting pilots will not land without seeing your latest landing instructions. Simply log in to your dashboard at and click the Landings tab.

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