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Landing at UK military airfields

Landing at Military Airfields in the UK

RAF Brize Norton is the only MOD airfield designated as a Military Emergency Diversion Aerodrome (MEDA) This MEDA may be used by any civil aircraft when the destination airfield, as indicated in the flight plan, is unusable because of adverse conditions.

At active airfields

Airfields or establishments in regular use by MOD aircraft are to be regarded as active airfields. Heads of Establishments are encouraged to allow British civil aircraft on inland flights to use these airfields on a casual or short term basis wherever possible and irrespective of whether a civil airport is available in the area. Without prior approval from MOD, however, such flights are only to be permitted:
a. within the normal working hours of the airfield and in hours of daylight;
b. provided they do not interfere with defence requirements or unreasonably affect local amenities, mainly for environmental reasons;
c. if Air Traffic Control (ATC) and safety services appropriate to the type of aircraft are available;
d. provided that MOD will not be involved in any increased expenditure in terms of money or manpower;
e. if the user agrees to pay landing, liability, administrative and other charges

Inactive Airfields

Airfields which are not in regular use by MOD aircraft are to be regarded as inactive airfields.  Casual or short term use of these airfields is not to be encouraged, particularly if there is a suitable civil or active MOD airfield within 25 miles.

HM Revenue & Customs Restrictions

Unless prior permission has been given by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), a civil aircraft may not depart on a flight from the UK to a place outside the UK except from a HMRC designated airport. No MOD airfields in the UK are HMRC designated.

Landing fees

The minimum fee is £18.  All aircraft landing at airfields in South East England:
MTOW Up to 4 metric tonnes – Standard Charge (excluding VAT) £17.00 metric tonne or part thereof

MTOW over 4 tonnes – £20.00 per metric tonne or part thereof
e.g. 6.1 tonnes = 7 x £20.00
All aircraft (fixed and non fixed wing, powered and non- powered) landing at airfields elsewhere these drop to £9 and £12 respectively.

Parking for a period of up to 2 hours incurs no fee. Thereafter, however, parking is charged per 24 hour period or part thereof, calculated from the time the parking initially commenced.  
All aircraft, irrespective of weight, and regardless of the geographical location of the airfield, are to be charged at £16.50 plus VAT per 24 hour period.


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