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Sweden Helicopter Guide

Updated 2023

Attitudes to GA aviation in Sweden are very welcoming. The aviation authority is the LFV which now falls under the remit of the Transport Agency. As Sweden is part of Schengen so once inside this area, you don’t need customs.

Courteous Flying in Sweden

Sweden is very accessible, in fact the right to roam rule in all the Nordic countries including Estonia means that you could probably land in the car park of a supermarket to go shopping providing you didn’t cause any annoyance. Although you must not land within city limits without the permission of the police or within 150m of a house and the normal courtesies of flying should be observed. If landing on private land you should get the permission of the landowner and the standard fee for errant balloonists is set at one bottle of champagne. In all other areas you can land to camp and forage. You can light fires and stay for a few days although there are some special regulations in very sensitive environmental areas; for example fishing is only permitted with a license. So enjoy your flying, the Swedish countryside is vast, but pack the mosquito spray.

The Weekly Season Card

For many years it has been possible to buy a weekly season card, which allows the holder an unlimited number of landings at Swedavia owned airfields for a period of seven days including the day of arrival. The quoted price in 2016 was around £72.00 and also includes parking. However Helipaddy has heard that a number of airfields are now withdrawing from the scheme, so make sure you check.

Where to land in Sweden

All landing sites are available to Helipaddy Premium members.

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