Track flights (a kind of logbook)

Release expected Q3 2023

Do you sometimes forget to update your logbook? You can easily record where you have landed with Helipaddy’s Flights tool. This is not designed as a logbook replacement but it is designed as a “quick log” and stores just about enough information for you to be able to update your flight logbook later.

The mock-up screen here shows recent flights, including the Tail Number, arrival time and flight duration. Adding a flight is very quick because Helipaddy defaults to showing the current time and the nearest site to where you are. The Tail Number also defaults to the previous one used. The duration is optional. So it really is 2-click logging.

Helipaddy also displays all the places you’ve landed on a map using the Filters. Some pilots may find it interesting to see the total distance/time flown in a given period. This is show at the bottom of the page.

If you want Helipaddy to correctly reflect your actual hours, please enter a flight at your home location reflecting your current logbook total eg enter a landing of 430.5 hours.

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