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Add a site from Google Maps

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How to easily add a site to Helipaddy that you have located in Google Maps

Landing site locations are sometimes shared using Google Maps. These steps make it possible to easily and accurately add the precise location into Helipaddy. Once in Helipaddy, you can choose to make the site Private so it is stored in your personal database.
This then makes it easier to navigate to the location using the Helipaddy sharing feature to Garmin Pilot, SkyDemon or Foreflight.

Browse to the exact landing location in Google Maps (maybe use Satellite View).

Press and hold the Google Plus address as shown and choose Copy

Switch to Helipaddy, click in the top search box and choose Paste

The market won’t show here but the map is in exactly the right location. Without moving the map, click the PLUS symbol to start adding the site.

Confirm the landing site location looks correct and complete the site addition steps

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