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Top Ten Australian Destinations for a Scenic Helicopter Flight

Three Capes/Port Arthur, Tasmania

On the Australian island of Tasmania, coves and sea cliffs cover the three capes. Jump in a helicopter to see it from a perspective that not many do, and fly above the dolerite columns. Start at a nearby Helipad in Port Arthur and you will have a great base to explore the beautiful scenery.

Three Capes, Tasmania

Great Barrier Reef

When you think of Australia’s best sights, the Great Barrier Reef instantly comes to mind. With much of the reef situated under see-through light blue water, stretching over 340,000 square kilometres, you can easily view its beauty from above. Just off the coast of Queensland mainland, we recommend using any Helipad along Queensland coast, or using the Orpheus Island Lodge’s Helipad to start your travels.

Lady Musgrave Island, Great Barrier Reef

Sydney Harbour and Olympic Park

Another iconic bit of scenery, but this time, in the city. Fly over Sydney Harbour and its iconic bridge, following the river, to Sydney Olympic Park.  From there, you can land your helicopter at the nearby aerodrome and explore the district. If you feel like it, grab a pizza from The Last Slice – known for making the best pizza in town.

Sydney Harbour


Also known as Ayers Rock, Uluru is situated in Tjuta National Park. This immense monolith is believed to have begun forming over 550 million years ago and is sacred to native Australians. Since you can’t walk on it anymore, what better way than to see it from high in the sky. Just take off and land with permission from the landowner anywhere in the nearby outback!

Uluru/Ayers Rock, Tjuta National Park

White Mountains National Park

Covering over 110,000 hectares, this park is full of spectacular white sandstone bluffs, gorges, diverse plants, and animals, protecting 14 different ecosystems. If you do choose to visit the park, make sure it’s in winter, so you can see the colourful display of wildflowers. You can take off from a couple of locations, but we recommend using one of the two aerodromes close by.

White Mountains National Park

Gold Coast

The main attraction here is the beaches that stretch throughout the Gold Coast as well as the elaborate system of inland canals and waterways. Seeing this from above, with the skyscrapers dotted around can provide a breathtakingly beautiful view. For the perfect day trip, take off from Runaway Bay, fly along the coast and land at Coolangatta for the full experience.

The Gold Coast

Kakadu National Park (APOI)

Kakadu National Park is one of the largest national parks in Australia. With that, comes extraordinary, varied scenery, from waterfalls to savanna woodlands and tidal mudflats. This is an incredible place to view from above. Take off and land from Wildman Wilderness Lodge or Jaibu.

Kakadu National Park


Take off and land at Archifield airport to explore Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. This beautiful city is known for having small-town vibes. Go on a helicopter bar crawl and visit places like The Gutter Bar and Harrigan’s Irish Pub for a scenic flight.

Brisbane, Queensland

The Great Ocean Road

Hug the seaside cliffs and look at famous landmarks, such as ‘The 12 Apostles’ along the southeastern coast of Australia. This National Heritage stretch of road is even better seen from up high in the sky, look at using the Apollo Bay helipad to start out and fly over to Glenample Heliport YGHP.

The 12 Apostles, The Great Ocean Road

Cradle Mountain

Save the best till last right? Well, with the views you will be getting I think we have. On the island of Tasmania, you will see some of the best scenery in the whole of Australia! Land at the Watervalley Hut Track to be right by the mountain, or contact one of the many helicopter tour companies that litter the area.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

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